Sonntag, 25. November 2012

Cool: Pre-order BUCK GOOTER !!!

Dear visitor of this site being not proficient in german language:
As you may easily notice I am doing this site in my first language - arisen from my lousy English.
I very much apologize for my inability. I will try my best keeping you being informed of Beau Travail-releases. Okay?

Nevertheless I wanna let you know:

The upcoming album "witch molecules" by BUCK GOOTER ( which will be released by X-Mist Records and me, myself and I ) is now ready for pre-ordering!! Just follow the link and take notice of the special package containing an additional CD with the tracks of the sold out album "considering the crackles"! Do yourself a favor and get that outstanding package of challenging music...

Fight the power

buy buy:

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