Montag, 26. Juni 2017

BT-14. tics Lp

2 minutes-spikes directly out of tweet tweet land.

available NOW from Beau or X-MIST.

Donnerstag, 20. April 2017

In June: TICS

upcoming 12inch
14 songs, sicko packaging

Come out and watch the band striking their 25 minutes-Pinata - stuffed with the captain of a submarine, pianos and saxophones, Elton John and Donald Trump-samples.

They will be opening for SLEAFORD MODS at Essigfabrik/ Cologne at May 15th.

Freitag, 18. November 2016

Buy NOW! - or cry later...

Mark Wynn´s 7inch "a tenner?-  I´ll do it myself!" is OUT NOW

I will get repetitive - and I do this gladly - saying that this is the most brilliant 7inch you could get in the last ten years! It is nothing less. Do yourself a favor an GET it!

The first 100 copies include an additional risoprint. Go! Order fast and you´ll get it!

You can order here:

or here:
or here:

Samstag, 12. November 2016


2colour-risoprint done by

available at

Sonntag, 6. November 2016

MARK WYNN. 'A tenner? - I'll do it myself' 7inch

'We stayed away from the stage for the next act as well and I’m not sure whether that was a bad idea or not. I can’t get a handle on Mark Wynn, who seems to have changed his act every time I’ve seen him and, on the basis of the last time, I wasn’t sure whether he was a good choice for early evening at a “family friendly” festival. However, I don’t think I could have imagined what I, partially, saw. He seemed to be running topless around the stage while shouting over a backing track that included Ace Of Spades and Whole Lot Of Rosie. Original? Yes. Entertaining? Depends on you point of view. Representative of the diversity of York’s music scene? Undoubtedly! Family-friendly. Doubtful. I’m no prude but I wasn’t surprised when a brief flurry of F-words during what sounded, from where we were sitting, like a Q and A session saw at least one woman seemingly quickly herding her children to linguistic safety. Towards the end of the set it all went quiet and then there was a burst of laughter and applause. “Put your hands up if you understood what just happened,” said Alex King. “Now put your hands up if you enjoyed it.” Quite a few people did, apparently.' 2014

Watch out for the bestestest record on Beau Travail EVER! 

The 7inch will be released very soon, in cooperation with IN A CAR. 

There will be a special version of "a tenner".  Watch out for it here:

Distribution by X-MIST RECORDS

As good as it gets! Totally thrilled

Mittwoch, 21. September 2016

Punkhahnrupfen mit PISSE - mitten im Kohlrübenwinter

"An einer mit Laubgirlanden geschmückten Pforte wird toter Punk kopfüber aufgehängt. 
Die jungen Reiter galoppieren durch die Pforte und versuchen dem toten Punk den Kopf vom Leib zu reißen. 
Wer dies schafft, wird Erntekönig. Punk gilt als Fruchtbarkeitsgeist und Beschützer der heranwachsenden Frucht bis zur Ernte. Mit der Ernte Ende September hat er seine Schuldigkeit getan. 
Ist der Kopf vom Hals getrennt, wirft ihn der junge Reiter hinter sich. Blut und Federn sollen das Feld auch für zukünftige Erträge düngen und bereiten. 
Der Erntekönig erwirbt sich damit das Recht eine Erntekönigin zu wählen." 



aus: Berlin / Leipzig / Dresden
seit: 2012



Beau Travail 
Phantom Records
Harbinger Sound
In A Car
Gafas del Rigor

Kohlrübenwinter #1 7" (Beau Travail / Phantom Records)

Fahrradsattel, Alt sein, Hundegelatine, Drehtür

Kohlrübenwinter #2 7" (Harbinger Sound / In A Car)
Armes Schwein, Vernissage, Schwätzer, Dienstleistungsgesellschaft


Fakten und Informationen:
8 Lieder
Aufgenommen 2016 von Duckface im Dong Xuan Center Berlin / Lichtenberg
Besetzung: Schlagzeug / Gitarre / Bass / Theremin / Synth
Master: Schotte
Artwork: Ricaletto



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